Aldebaran documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.4.3?

Turning Pepper on

To turn your robot on:

Step Action

Make sure Pepper is:

  • on a flat surface, providing enough space to move around, or
  • properly installed on his Charging station.

If it is not the case, see: Moving Pepper while off.

Press the Chest Button once.


  • Start-up

    The LEDs, blinking and fading, inform you about the progress of the startup. For further details, see: Understanding the boot process.

    The boot process is completed when Pepper says “OGNAK GNOUK”.

  • Life

    Shortly after, Pepper starts seeking your attention.

    If applications are installed, they may be launched automatically or interactively.

Chest Button - Pepper



  • If nothing happens:

    Step Action

    Make sure the battery is charged.

    For further details, see: Charging the battery.

    Make sure the Stop button is unlocked.

    For further details, see: How to unlock the stop button.

    Stop button

    How to unlock the stop button

    Step Action
    Pull the soft part behind the shoulders.
    Twist the Stop button clockwise.
    Replace the soft part.