Configuring a project

Configuring the foo project is done by:

$ qibuild configure foo

This command may be used anywhere under the QI_WORK_TREE directory.

You can also omit the project name if you are anywhere under the foo directory:

$ cd foo
$ qibuild configure

This will create a build directory in QI_WORK_TREE/foo/build, and run cmake in this build directory.

(The name of the build directory reflects your platform and your configuration, so that you can use different build configurations with the same source tree)

Building in release

The project will be configured to build in debug by default.

If you want to build in release, use

$ qibuild configure --release

If you are not using Visual Studio, you will see that qibuild chose an other build directory for you, ending with -release-.

Passing CMake flags

To pass additional CMake flags, use:

qibuild configure -DFOO=BAR

Using Aldebaran packages

See: Using Aldebaran packages