What’s new in qibuild 1.12.1


It is now much easier to port an existing CMake project to qibuild

Just use


(No need for the qibuild.cmake file everywhere)

Configuration files

Every configuration file used by qiBuild is now in XML.

QI_WORK_TREE/.qi/qibuild.cfg is deprecated, use QI_WORK_TREE/.qi/qibuild.xml and ~/.config/qi/qibuild.xml instead.

<project>/qibuild.manifest is deprecated, use <project>/qiproject.xml> instead.

Note that conversion is done by qiBuild on the fly, but the XML file are only written if they do not exist.


  • Add a new tool called qidoc.

qidoc lets you build nice documentation by using sphinx and doxygen projects spread across several repositories, while keeping the global settings (stylesheets, templates, etc.) in on place


qidoc is still a work in progress. It is used to build Aldebaran documentation, but the tool itself is quite hard to use for anything else right now