qiBuild in five minutes

First, please make sure you have follow the Getting Started tutorial.

Starting a new project from scratch

  • Create a worktree. It is advised to use an empty folder as a worktree
$ cd /path/to/worktree
$ qibuild init
  • Create a new project
$ qibuild create foo
  • Configure and build the foo project
$ qibuild configure foo
$ qibuild make foo

Using Aldebaran packages

For the Desktop

You can use the C++ packages on Visual Studio 2008 and 2010 (32 bits only), Mac and Linux.

First, get the C++ SDK and extract it, say in /path/to/cpp/sdk

  • Create a worktree inside the C++ SDK examples folder:
$ cd /path/to/cpp/sdk/examples
$ qibuild init
$ qitoolchain create naoqi-sdk /path/to/cpp/sdk/toolchain.xml
  • Configure and build the helloworld project:
$ qibuild configure -c naoqi-sdk helloworld
$ qibuild make -c naoqi-sdk helloworld

For the robot

You have to be on Linux to be able to compile code for the robot. This if often refer to as cross-compilation.

First, get the cross-toolchain that matches your robot version (atom for V4 and later, geode for previous version), and extract it, say in /path/to/atom/ctc


on linux64 you will have to install some 32bits libraries for the cross-compiler to work.

On ubuntu, you should use something like:

$ sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib libc6-dev libc6-i386
$ qitoolchain create cross-atom /path/to/ctc/

$ qibuild configure -c cross-atom
$ qibuild make -c cross-atom


Here are a few messages you can get, and a possible solution.

Configuration fails

Usually the best way to know what is going wrong it to have a look at the top of the error message, not the bottom...

Windows: cannot find specifed file

qiBuild did not find cmake.exe. You have to make sure cmake.exe is in your PATH.

You can do so during CMake installation, or re-run qibuild config --wizard to help qiBuild find it.

Cannot create generator ‘Unix Makefiles’

This happens on windows. You have to tell qibuild to use the ‘Visual Studio’ generator for instance.

See Getting Started

Cannot find alcommon

Could not find module FindALCOMMON.cmake or a configuration file for
package ALCOMMON.

Adjust CMAKE_MODULE_PATH to find FindALCOMMON.cmake or set ALCOMMON_DIR to
the directory containing a CMake configuration file for ALCOMMON. The file
will have one of the following names:


This happens because qibuild id not find the CMake files related to ALCOMMON.

This can be because you did not add any toolchain to qibuild You can check with:

qitoolchain info

Output should look like

toolchain naoqi-sdk
  Using feed from /path/to/naoqi-sdk-1.12-linux32/toolchain.xml
    in /path/to/naoqi-sdk-1.12-linux32

Here you can see that the toolchain is named naoqi-sdk, so you have to:

  • make sure qibuild uses the naoqi-sdk toolchain by default (you can do that by running the config wizard)
  • or tell qibuild to use the naoqi-sdk toolchain:
$ qibuild configure -c naoqi-sdk
$ qibuild make -c naoqi-sdk

Strange XML error messages

Right now qiBuild does not cope well with badly formatted XML.

For instance, if .config/qi/qibuild.xml, you will get error messages like

Could not parse config from /home/dmerejkowsky/.config/qi/qibuild.xml
Error was: Opening and ending tag mismatch: qibuild line 1 and ibuild, line 39, column 10

Here the best way to fix it is to edit the config file by hand, or remove it and re-run the config wizard.