NAOqi Vision - Overview | API | Tutorial

What it does

The ALPhotoCapture module allows you to take pictures and using the robot cameras and save them on disk.


This function takes and stores one picture using the module’s parameters (color space, frame rate, resolution, picture format). All these parameters can be set using the appropriate methods (see the API section). The location of the file on the disk is given as argument. Note that the maximal resolution depends on the hardware version: NAO V3.3 and below have a VGA camera, NAO V4 and above have an HD 960p camera (see the Video camera Hardware section).


A button is available in the Monitor GUI for taking pictures by calling this function.


This function is similar to ALPhotoCaptureProxy::takePicture() but allows to take several pictures. The final file names are constructed by appending the number of the picture to the file name.


If you don’t manually set the parameters, the following ones will be used by default:

  • Color space: BGR
  • Time between two pictures: 200 millisecond (i.e. 5 frames per second)
  • Resolution: VGA (640 x 480)
  • Picture format: jpg

Getting started

The easiest way to get started with most of these features is to use the corresponding Choregraphe vision boxes. Recording capabilities can be easily used through the camera panel of Monitor. You will also find working examples on the Tutorial page.