Turning your NAO on and off

Turning on

To turn NAO on:

Step Action

Press the Chest button once.

The boot process takes approximately one minute.

Progression is indicated by the blinking and the lighting of the different LEDs.
For more details, see: Ears on boot time.

The boot process is completed when NAO says “OGNAK GNOUK” while its Chest button becomes white.

In case of system upgrade, the boot process can take much more time (30 minutes in case of factory reset) and the LEDs animation is different. For more details, see: Ears on upgrade.


Turning off

To turn NAO off:

Step Action

Make sure NAO is in a safe position, or he may fall.

You could also place a hand on its back to keep it in position.

Press and hold the Chest button for 3 seconds, until NAO says “GNUK GNUK”.

The shutdown process takes approximately 18 seconds.

The tactile-head LEDs fade, and the ear LEDs fade one by one, as a progress indicator.

The shutdown process is completed when all the LEDs are off.