Setting NAO’s WiFi connection

Why setting a WiFi connection

You can connect NAO to your computer using a wired or WiFi connection:

  • Wired connection is mandatory for the initial settings.
  • WiFi connection is highly recommended as soon as NAO starts moving.


Make sure NAO is not connected with an Ethernet cable while executing movements which could pull the wire and damage the port.

How to set NAO’s WiFi connection

Step Action
Turn on your NAO.

Remove the hatch behind his head to access to the Ethernet socket and plug the Ethernet cable.


If you have a router with a spare Ethernet port:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to it, it will act as a DHCP server and give NAO it’s IP address.

If not:

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to your computer.

    Linux only: see Local-Link an alternative to DHCP in order to check if your network manager is set for using link-local.

connect-A or connect-B

Access the NAO Web page and log-in.

For further details, see: How to access the NAO Web page.

In the Network page, choose and configure a WiFi network.

For further details, see: WiFi standard configuration.

You can now disconnect the Ethernet cable and close the hatch behind NAO‘s head.

Test your connection

Step Action

On your computer, access to the Web page of your robot.

For further details, see How to access the NAO Web page.


Click NAO’s picture to make appear the speech bubble.

Type Hello world in the speech bubble.
Press Enter key.


Your robot says “Hello world”.

To go further

While you are there, take the opportunity to discover the NAO Web page.
Try to master the main settings.

Next step

What about creating your first program for your robot?
To do so, try Choregraphe: Hello World 1 - using Choregraphe.