NAO Web page

What is NAO Web page

NAO Web page is the user friendly interface of NAO on your computer.
It allows you to do most of system configuration, from network configuration to user preferences and customization.

How to access the NAO Web page

Step Action

Access to NAO’s Web page, using one of the following method:

The screen below is displayed.


Complete Login and Password fields and click the Login button.

The default value is nao, for both login and password.
If you have lost your password, see: Lost your password.
For technical information about login and password, see: User accounts.

Using IP address

Step Action

Press on NAO Chest button.

NAO says the four numbers of its IP address.

Note them.
Open a web browser and enter that IP address in the address bar.

An IP address is four numbers (from 0 to 255) separated by periods, like this:


Using NAO’s name

Step Action
Open a web browser.

If you know NAO’s host name:

  • Type: [naoHostName].local in the address bar.

    By default, it is: nao.local

If you don’t know NAO’s host name:

  • Click the Bonjour bonjour icon.
  • Double-click on NAO’s name.

Bonjour is conceived by Apple and installed by default on Mac OS X and Linux (Avahi) computers. On Windows, it is automatically installed during the Choregraphe installation process.

For all information about Bonjour, including licensing, please visit the official

Using Choregraphe

Step Action
Launch Choregraphe.

Choose Connection > Connect to or Click the connect-button Connect to button.

The connection widget is displayed.

Right-click the green NAO and choose View web page.

Lost your password

If you have defined then lost the password for the web interface:

  • Reset the settings of the robot using the NAOFlasher with a Factory reset option.

Discovering NAO Web page

Home page

Part Name Description
A Menu
  • About: displays the home page.
  • Network: allows you to set up NAO wireless connection and get additional info about its network connections.
  • Settings: allows you to set various preferences.
  • Advanced: access more information on NAOqi, system and hardware. Mostly useful for troubleshooting.
  • Logout: ends the connection to the robot.
B Key information

Displays a short summary of NAO’s system.

Click the information to quickly access the corresponding detailed page.

C NAO’s picture

Not sure to be connected to the correct robot? Make him say a short sentence.

  1. Click NAO’s picture to make appear the speech bubble.
  2. Optionally, edit the text.
  3. Press Enter key.



The table below lists the information displayed by Network screen.

Name Displays ...

Address and Mac Address of the Wired and Wireless connections currently used.

Tethering button allows you to activate an advanced feature.

For further details see: NAO as a mobile WiFi Access Point.

Country the current country used for WiFi service detection.
Available networks

the list of available networks, Wired and Wireless.

To configure a new connection:



List of settings

Settings Description See also
Name NAO host name. Make sure your NAO has a unique name when joining a community.  
Password For this Web page, but also ftp and ssh connections. User accounts, FTP Access, Accessing NAO over ssh.
Web Services Allows you to associate your NAO with an authorized Aldebaran Robotics user account only. Aldebaran Robotics Web Services
NAO’s buddy icon The buddy icon or avatar used to represent your robot. Connection widget
Language Sets NAO language for speech synthesis and recognition.  
Time Zone Important for the robot to know what time it is.  
Volume Sets the volume of NAO Loudspeakers. How to set NAO’s volume, Loudspeakers.
Fall Manager reflex Permit deactivation of the fall manager reflex. Fall manager
Issue Reporting When enabled, issue reports are automatically sent to Aldebaran Robotics and then deleted from the robot at boot time. How to retrieve an issue report
Remote Controls Allows to configure Infra-Red interaction with an external IR device. Set a remote control


Settings Description See also
Naoqi Allows you to start, stop or restart NAOqi, and to visualize currently running modules. Monitoring NAOqi on the robot
Packages Displays the packages currently uploaded.  
Memory Allows you to search for any memory key in order to check is current value. ALMemory
Process Displays the processes currently running.  
Hardware Displays useful information about Devices, Joints, Configurations and Temperatures.