Compiling the Java bindings from source


Compiling the Java bindings are not an easy task, because we use Swig and JNI.

We use C++ for the Java bindings, so you must already know how to use the C++ SDK.

If you still want to try, here’s how to do it:

Install the C++ SDK and qiBuild

Install the Java SDK

  • Windows: get the Java JDK from Oracle’s website.
  • Mac: simply type java and let Apple install Java for you.
  • Linux: install the JDK packaged by your distribution.

Install Swig


sudo apt-get install swig


Depending on your version, swig may be already installed, if not, you can still compile it from source


Get the swig zip from the SWIG website, extract it and make sure swig.exe is in your %PATH%

Compiling the jnaoqi native library

You can then compile jnaoqi as any qiBuild C++ project.
For further details, see: Using qiBuild with Aldebaran packages.

During the build some java files will be generated in:


Compiling the Java code

Then you can compile the Java code with:

javac com/aldebaran/proxy/\*.java