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The Urbi API for NAO allows you to use any NAOqi module method.

Please make sure to have read the NAOqi Framework section first.

Getting started

NAO comes with an installed version of Urbi.

On some versions of NAO, Urbi is not automatically started upon start-up. If this is the case, you must take the following steps to activate Urbi:

  1. Log in to your NAO using ssh: ssh nao@myNao
  2. Edit /home/nao/naoqi/preferences/autoload.ini to have:

  1. Restart your NAO.

You should be able to connect to your NAO on the port 54000 and send it urbiscript:

tts.say("Hello, I am Nao."),
// Activate right arm.
armR.load = 1;
// Wave the arm: put it in position
shoulderRollR.val = -0.3 time: 0.5s |
shoulderPitchR.val = -1 speed: 0.9 |
// Wave it
timeout(6s) shoulderRollR.val = -0.4 sin:2s ampli:0.4;
// And put it back down, using the uncompressed name this time
robot.body.arm[right].shoulder.pitch.val = 2 speed:0.9;
// Activate all motors.
// Stand
// Start walking...
tag: robot.walk(1),
// ... and interrupt the movement
sleep(2s) | tag.stop;
// Get the list of all devices and the interfaces they implement:

Finding more documentation

Urbi full documentation is available on GOSTAI site: URBI documentation.

A chapter is more specifically dedicated to NAO: NAO in URBI documentation.