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AL::ALValue::unionValue Union Reference

unionValue is a union to different type of ALValue. More...

#include "alvalue/alvalue.h"

Public Attributes

TALValueBool asBool
TALValueInt asInt
TALValueFloat asFloat

Detailed Description

unionValue is a union to different type of ALValue.

Definition at line 122 of file alvalue.h.

Member Data Documentation

TAlValueArray* AL::ALValue::unionValue::asArray

Used for vector of ALValue

Definition at line 123 of file alvalue.h.

TAlValueBinaryData* AL::ALValue::unionValue::asBinary

Used for binary data

Definition at line 129 of file alvalue.h.

TALValueBool AL::ALValue::unionValue::asBool

Used for boolean

Definition at line 124 of file alvalue.h.

TALValueFloat AL::ALValue::unionValue::asFloat

Used for float and double

Definition at line 126 of file alvalue.h.

TALValueInt AL::ALValue::unionValue::asInt

Used for integer

Definition at line 125 of file alvalue.h.

TAlValueBinaryData* AL::ALValue::unionValue::asObject

Used for binary object

Definition at line 128 of file alvalue.h.

TALValueString* AL::ALValue::unionValue::asString

Used for std::string

Definition at line 127 of file alvalue.h.

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