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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oCALBrokerALBroker serves methods advertised by connected modules to clients participating in the network. All executables create at least one broker in main.cpp. A broker will wait for http request, remote C++ request from PC application..
|oCALBrokerManagerALBrokerManager is a class to manage brokers
|oCALFunctorBaseALFunctorBase is a generic functor class for pointer management
|oCALMethodInfoALMethodInfo is the introspection container
||oCALExampleALExample is container for example
||oCALParameterInfoALParameterInfo is the introspection container
||\CALParameterInfoOptionalALParameterInfoOptional is the option container
|oCALModuleALModule can be used as a base class for user modules to help serve and advertise their methods
|oCALModuleCoreALModuleCore is the superclass of user modules
|oCALModuleInfoALModuleInfo is the class of information about user modules
|\CALProxyALProxy is a client to the served methods of a module