SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Unpack and turn ON NAO


During this step you will:

Prepare NAO for his setup.

Get NAO out of the box

Step Action

Get NAO out of his box.


Gently set NAO on the floor, in a crouching position.


Plug and turn on NAO

Step Action

Plug the charger to the mains, and plug the charger cable into NAO‘s back.

The small LED on the charger should light up.


Press the Chest button once, and wait for the end of the boot process:

  • The Chest button passes by multiple color states.
  • The boot process is completed when the robot says “OGNAK GNOUK”.

NAO is now booted and ready to be configured with Robot settings.

Next step: Get Robot settings.