SoftBank Robotics documentation What's new in NAOqi 2.8?

Configure NAO


During this step you will:

configure NAO’s timezone, password, content, etc.

Launch Robot Settings setup wizard

Step Action

Launch Robot settings.


Click the Setup button.


Follow the recommendations displayed then click the Start button.

The Getting started wizard appears.

NAO - Getting started wizard

Follow the step by step Getting started wizard to configure your robot.

Here are the main steps:

1 - Prepare NAO

Prepare NAO guides you step by step to:

  • Plug the battery,
  • Start NAO, and
  • Connect the Ethernet cable.

2 - Connect to NAO

Connect to NAO guides you to:

  • Establish the connection between Robot settings and NAO.

3 - Configure NAO

Configure NAO guides you step by step to:

  • Agree the End-user software agreement
  • Set up the Wi-Fi connection
  • Log NAO to your SoftBank Robotics account.
  • Set the Time zone.
  • Set a password to secure the remote access to NAO.
  • Change the robot name.
  • Accept to send reports for diagnostic & improvements.


Due to a connection issue, you may be unable to log in to your SoftBank Robotics account. To workaround this issue, restart your NAO and reconnect to the robot.

4- Manage NAO content

Manage NAO content guides you step by step to:

  • Add the Basic Channel
  • Add a second language
  • Install or update the applications
  • NAO Language selection

Final summary

Done screen summarize the settings of your robot. wiz99

Next step

wifi If you had previously set up a WiFi connection

You can now remove the Ethernet cable and put back the hatch behind the head of the robot.

As a consequence, Robot Settings will lost the connection and the robot will switch to the previously registered WiFi network.

Connect your computer on this WiFi network and ask again NAO his IP Address in order to reconnect Robot Settings to the robot.


nowifi If you haven’t set up a WiFi connection previously

When you want to connect to NAO again, plug the Ethernet cable and ask for NAO IP address.

Once connected in Robot Settings, you can setup a WiFi connection in the NAO settings.