Box libraries panel

Box libraries panel

The Box libraries panel displays the currently opened Box libraries:


The table below describes the main parts of the Box libraries panel:

Part Name Description
A Tabs

Displays all opened Box libraries.

Click on a tab to display all the boxes included in the selected Box Library.

For further details, see: Default Box libraries.

B Selected Box

Each Box is represented with its name and its image.

For further details, see: How to use a Box library panel.

C Description Displays the description of the selected box.
D Toolbar

Allows managing Box libraries.

For further details, see: Toolbar.

E Search Allows you to search a specific box among all the opened box libraries.

How to use a Box library panel

You can drag and drop any of the boxes contained in a Box library onto the Flow diagram panel to enrich a Behavior or a Box.



Button Click on this button to ...

Create a new Box library.

For further details, see: Creating a customized Box library.


Open an existing Box library.

For further details, see: Opening a Box library.

save_box_library_btn Save the current Box library.
save_as_box_library_btn Save the current Box library using a new name, path and/or format.
save_all_box_library_btn Save all the Box libraries currently opened.

What is a Box library


A box library consists of a list of Boxes.

This list can be organized with directories.

Each box may have attached files (music, image, etc) also included in the box library.

A box library is particularly useful when you often use the same boxes. You can store it in a box library and use and reuse it later.

Default Box libraries

Opened by default, and read-only box libraries:

  • standard: contains all the elementary boxes you need to create your first behaviors.
  • advanced: offers advanced alternative to standard boxes in order to go further in mastering behaviors.
  • tablet: contains boxes specific to Aldebaran robots with a tablet such as Pepper.

Also available:

  • deprecated: lets you know which boxes has been deprecated since the last release.

Box library available formats

You can save / open a Box library as:

  • a single compressed file with a CBL extension (ex: MyLibrary.cbl). The box library CBL format is an easy way to archive a box library and / or release it to someone else.
  • a directory. The box library directory format is a very useful way for collaborative / versioned project whose can be modified and extended by many people.


For further details about saving a project as a CRG file or as a directory, see Saving a box library as a .cbl file and Saving a box library as a directory.

In versions older than 1.10, box library files were not compressed (the extension was XAL).

Opening a Box library

Step Action

Click the open_box_library_btn Open box library button.


Select the relevant file type:

  • Directory for the Box libraries delivered in release 1.14,
  • .clb for the former Box Libraries.

For further details, see: Box library available formats.

Select the Box library to open.
Click Choose to validate your choice.

Creating a customized Box library

You can create your own Box library using the new_box_library_btn New box library button.

It is then possible for you to customize it:

  • To add boxes:

    From ... Do ...
    the Flow diagram Select the box and choose Add to library in the contextual menu.
    a box library Copy/paste the box using the contextual menu.
  • Use the contextual menu to Create a new folder, rename it, or to Copy, Paste, Delete or Edit boxes.

  • To automatically open your own box libraries at Choregraphe startup:

    1. Choose Edit > Preferences.

    2. Choose the box libraries you want to be opened in the field User’s box libraries.

      For further details, see Choregraphe Preferences.

Saving a box library as a .cbl file

Step Action

Click the save_as_box_library_btn Save box library as... button.

the “Save box library as...” windows appears:

Make sure the file type is Choregraphe box library (*.cbl).
Browse the destination path and complete the “File name” field.
Click Save to validate your choice.

Saving a box library as a directory

Step Action

Click the save_as_box_library_btn Save box library as... button.

the “Save box library as...” windows appears:

Make sure the file type is Box library directory (Directories).
Make sure you have an empty folder and select it.
Click Choose to validate your choice.