Choregraphe Preferences

How to modify Choregraphe preferences

To modify Choregraphe preferences:

Step Action

Choose Edit > Preferences.

The following widget is displayed:

Click the OK button.
Quit and restart the application in order to make sure all preferences are applied.

List of preferences

The Choregraphe preferences widget has 3 tabs:


Name Description
Motor speed (%)

Speed of the robot’s motors when:

Warning: It is not advised to exceed 75% as it could prematurely damage the motors of the robot.

User’s box libraries

Allows you to choose one or more Box libraries saved on your computer which will be automatically loaded at Choregraphe startup.

For further details, see: Creating a customized Box library.

User’s pose libraries

Allows you to choose one or more Pose libraries saved on your computer which will be automatically loaded at Choregraphe startup.

For further details, see: Pose library panel.

Automatically save box libraries If enabled, when you exit Choregraphe the opened Box libraries will be automatically saved.
Language Language of Choregraphe interface.
Background color Color of the background of Choregraphe interface.
Upon external modification

Choose the action to take whenever your currently opened Project directory is modified by an external application.


  • Update project content to update your project content with the modified files.
  • Keep project content to ignore the changes, which will be overwritten at save.
  • Always ask (selected by default) if you want to be asked each time a change is detected.
When playing current behavior Choose whether the current Project files should be saved or not when the current Behavior is about to be played.
When disconnecting while current behavior is running Choose whether the current Behavior should be stopped or not when Choregraphe is about to close its connection with the robot.
Automatically show the Debug Window when an error occurs If enabled, the Log viewer is automatically displayed as soon as an error occurs in the execution of a Behavior.
Start Choregraphe without the 3D

Replaces the 3D view with a static 2D picture of the robot. So you do not have any feedback anymore about the move of the robot but it does not take so much processor.

Moreover, with H25 and H21, you are still able to move the joints of the robot by selecting the body part you want to move.

For further details, see: Robot View.

Show global stiffness button, only for Nao (advanced users only)

Show on the toolbar, the deprecated button:

stiffness_btn Set on/off the stiffness . Enabled only for NAO.

Warning: only for experimented users.

Display monospaced font in script editor

If enabled, the font used in the script editor is monospaced.

It means that any character will take the same space on the screen as another (which is not the case of the font used by default).

For further details, see: Script editor panel.

Display code folding buttons in script editor

If enabled, a + / - button allows collapsing/expanding script lines.

For further details, see: Script editor panel.

Wrap text in script editor

If enabled, the text is wrapped according to the panel width.

For further details, see: Script editor panel.

Ask for confirmation before removing project files If enabled, a confirmation message appears when removing a file from the current project.


This tab enables to choose the graph color of each motor in the curve editor of the Timeline.

Virtual Robot

This tab allows you to customize the simulated robot included in Choregraphe, called virtual robot.

For further details, see: Simulated robots.

Name Description
NAOqi runtime path

Allows you to define a customized NAOqi executable as virtual robot.

Select the path of the NAOqi executable you want to use.

If not specified, virtual robot uses the standard NAOqi installed with Choregraphe.

Robot model

Allows you to select which version of robot you want to test and display when the local NAOqi is running.

Select one of the available configuration file:



For example, NAOT14V33.xml is the version V3.3 of the T14 NAO which has no leg but arms.