Romeo - Chain & Effector definitions

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A Chain may contain:

  • the Joints of a limb (Trunk, Head, LLeg, RLeg) or
  • the Joints + the Actuators of a limb (LArm, RArm).

The table below lists the chains and all the Joints and Actuators included in each:

Body is ... Trunk + Head + LEye + REye + LArm + LLeg + RLeg + RArm
The chain ... Trunk Head LEye REye
involves ... TrunkYaw NeckYaw LEyeYaw REyeYaw
  NeckPitch LEyePitch REyePitch
The chain ... LArm LLeg RLeg RArm
involves ... LShoulderPitch LHipYaw RHipYaw RShoulderPitch
LShoulderYaw LHipRoll RHipRoll RShoulderYaw
LElbowRoll LHipPitch RHipPitch RElbowRoll
LElbowYaw LKneePitch RKneePitch RElbowYaw
LWristRoll LAnklePitch RAnklePitch RWristRoll
LWristYaw LAnkleRoll RAnkleRoll RWristYaw
LWristPitch     RWristPitch
LHand     RHand