NAOqi Core - Overview | API

What it does

ALPreferences allows access to xml preference files and provides convertion to and from ALValues.

How it works

A preference as an ALValue array is defined as follows:

  • [0]: Name of the preference
  • [1]: Description of the preference
  • [2]: The value of the preference (can contain other preferences if it is of type array)
  • [3]: (optional) The name of the data when inserted into memory

A typical preference xml file looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

  <Preference name="key1" description="a string" value="value" type="string" />
  <Preference name="key2" description="an int" value="1" type="int" />
  <Preference name="key3" description="a bool" value="true" type="bool" />
  <Preference name="key4" description="a float" value="1.0" type="float" />
  <!-- ... more preferences ... -->

  <Preference name="key5" description="a multi-level preference" type="array">
    <Preference name="key6" description="inner preference" value="value" type="string" />
    <!-- ... more preferences ... -->

On NAO, preferences are typically stored in one of these paths:

  • /home/nao/.config/naoqi/
  • /etc/naoqi/

These conform to the general patterns:

  • Home config: ~/.config/<applicationName>/<filename>
  • SDK config: <sdk_prefix>/etc/<applicationName>/<filename>
  • System config: /etc/<applicationName>/<filename>