NAOqi Audio - Overview | API | Tutorial

What it does

The ALTextToSpeech module allows the robot to speak. It sends commands to a text-to-speech engine, and authorizes also voice customization. The result of the synthesis is sent to NAO’s loudspeakers.

How it works

ALTextToSpeech is based on a speech synthesizer provided by ACAPELA.

Effects voice customization are possible.

Voice can be customized through “tags” included within the string command sent to the engine.
Further informations can be found here: Acapela Mobility Text TAGS Documentation

The output audio stream of both engine can also be modified by using one of these effects:

  • pitch shifting effect modifies the initial pitch of the voice,
  • double voice effect produces a “delay/echo” effect on the main voice.

Further information can be found here : ALTextToSpeechProxy::setParameter()


ACAPELA engines is only available on the robot.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with ALTextToSpeech is to use the Say Choregraphe box.