qiBuild documentation

qitest.test_queue – Coordinating test launchers


class qitest.test_queue.TestQueue(tests)

A class able to run tests in parallel

run(num_jobs=1, repeat_until_fail=0)

Run all the tests


Display the tests results.

Called at the end of self.run() Sets self.ok


Called when user press ctr+c during the test suite

  • Tell qisys.command to kill every process still running
  • Tell the tests_queue that is has been interrupted, and stop all the test workers
  • Setup a second sigint for when killing process failed


class qitest.test_queue.TestWorker(queue, worker_index)

Implementation of a ‘worker’ thread. It will consume the test queue, running the tests and logging the results


Tell the worker it should stop trying to read items from the queue


class qitest.test_queue.TestLogger(tests)

Small class used to print what is going on during tests, using a mutex so that outputs are not mixed up

on_start(test, index)

Called when a test starts

on_completed(test, index, message)

Called when a test is over