qiBuild documentation

Contributing to qiBuild


qiBuild development process take place on github: https://github.com/aldebaran/qibuild

There are two active branches:

  • next, where the development occurs
  • master, which is used for releases and bug fixes only

Usually you should create your patches or pull requests on top of next, unless you are fixing a blocking bug in a qibuild release.

Note that we use gerrit and jenkins to test the patches internally at Aldebaran, so even if your pull request is closed, it can take some time before your code lands up on Aldebaran’s repository.

Reporting bugs

Please open an issue on github for every qibuild bug you may find, but make sure to read this first:

TODO list

If you want to contribute, but don’t know what to do, you can have a look at the TODO:

Feel free to just add your own ideas to the list :)


This is for items on the TODO that are too large and require discussion before we start actually implementing them

Submitting changes

Please fork the project on github and make a merge request if you want to contribute.

Please also read this first:

qibuild uses the ‘Test Driven Development’ technique.

It is advised you write tests before adding new code.

You can read more about it here:

In any case, you must make sure to check your code is correct before sending a merge request:

Please also make sure to submit documentation updates concerning your changes.