qiBuild documentation

qipy.venv - Managing virtualenvs

qipy.venv.configure_virtualenv(config, python_worktree, build_worktree=None, remote_packages=None, site_packages=True, python_executable=None, env=None)

Main entry point. Called by qipy bootstrap

Param:remote_packages List of third-party packages to add in the virtualenv
Param:site_packages Allow access to global site packages
qipy.venv.find_script(venv_path, script_name)

Find a script given its name

First try in the virtualenv, then from $PATH

Returns:None if not found
qipy.venv.handle_extensions(venv_path, python_worktree, build_worktree)

Check if there is a build project matching the given source, and add the correct path to the virtualenv

qipy.venv.handle_pure_python(venv_path, python_worktree, env=None)

Add the paths of all python projects to the virtualenv

qipy.venv.handle_modules(venv_path, python_worktree)

Register the qi modules by writing the .mod file in the correct location