qiBuild documentation



  • Fix pep8/pylint warnings and enforce zero warnings policy in continuous integration
  • Add ssh options for connecting to a remote host for integration test purpose
  • Add option to disable the last newline strip on the git wrapper call
  • Update copyright with mentions to 2018 and SoftBank
  • Add support for fixed refs and detached head in qisrc
  • Normalize ‘src’ path in worktree project manifest to be compliant with Unix and Windows usage
  • Fix qt5_3dquickextras-config.cmake filename
  • Improve qisrc sync: better outupt when a project fails
  • CMake Modules: fix raptor2 and rasqal config files
  • Fix rpath management on OSX for python sdk
  • Fix OSX rpath for targets generated in subfolders
  • change way targets are referencing their dependencies on OSX
  • Force rpath on OSX at build time
  • Fix condition in ogre-config
  • Add qt5_quicktest-config.cmake
  • ci: Watch ‘master’ branch instead of ‘next’ on Travis
  • Add GitLab Continuous integration
  • qitest: fix exception when –test-output-dir is omitted
  • qitoolchain: Fix feed test that ensure local subfeeds work
  • Uniformize install and deploy
  • Update qibuild test suite
  • when generating a junit xml, write time at testcase level too
  • fix subfeed in qitoolchain if git is used as feed source