qiBuild documentation

Managing conan packages with qitoolchain

What is conan

Conan is a build tool written in Python to build and package C++ librairies.
The Conan ecosystem gather a client tool and some servers repositories.
Project built with Conan expose a python script to configure, build and package the project,
these projects also store the package in a conan server.

One of the usefull feature of conan, used here to build a qitoolchain package, is the conanfile.txt.
This file list our dependencies and the build configuration of these packages.
With one command we will be able to fetch the selected package or to rebuild them with our compiler.
The output directory will contains all the data we will need to create a qitoolchain package.

Creating conanfile.txt and prepare package directory

Let’s assume we will need a package for qitoolchain with shared boost inside.




bin, *.dll -> ./bin
lib, *.lib* -> ./lib
lib, *.dylib* -> ./lib
lib, *.so* -> ./lib
include, * -> ./include
We requires boost 1.68 from the official channel and we want it to be shared.
qiToolchain needs a json file output from the generator and we declare the behavior of the importer.
conan install boost-conanfile.txt --build=missing --install-folder package

Converting package directory to qitoolchain package

So, we have a common directory structure with ./lib, ./bin, ./include.

qitoolchain convert-package --conan --name=boost --version=1.68.0 package/

Here we are. A new package is now available and you can add it to you toolchain feed:

qitoolchain add-package -t linux64 boost-Linux-x86_64-1.68.0.zip