Debugging an Activity

You have created a Behavior. It is operational. Otherwise, see: Debugging a Behavior.

You have transformed your Behavior into an Activity.

Here is how you can fix the bugs.

Testing an Activity and its Trigger conditions

To test an Activity:

Step Action
Save the Project.
In the Robot Applications panel, click the install_apps-button Package and install the current project to the robot button.
Click the life_off-button Turn autonomous life on button.

My Activity does not start

Have a look to the Project Properties:

  • Make sure the Behavior is exposed, i.e. its check-box is checked.

  • Select the Behavior and make sure its Behavior property are well set.

    Pay attention to: Nature, Trigger sentences and/or Launch trigger condition.

Testing an Activity bypassing its Trigger conditions

To test an Activity bypassing its trigger conditions:

Step Action

Make sure the Autonomous Life is on.

If not, the life_off-button Turn autonomous life on button.

Click the play-button Play button.


Choregraphe, choose, according to the Nature of the Behavior and the current Life state, between the 2 methods: ALBehaviorManagerProxy::startBehavior() or ALAutonomousLifeProxy::switchFocus().

AutonomousLife states Behavior’s Nature
No nature Solitary Interactive
Disabled startBehavior startBehavior startBehavior
Solitary startBehavior switchFocus switchFocus
Interactive startBehavior switchFocus* switchFocus

*Calling switchFocus of a Solitary Activity while in Interactive state will not start the Activity.