The main changes are described in the Release Note, here are only listed the main known issues solved by this release.



  • Fix #31738 Record video box doesn’t work for the first time when folder wasn’t created.
  • Fix #31726 Replace old wait box containing threading.Timer from delivered boxes.
  • Fix #27200 Windows 8 - Installer - previous setup replacement option: Autolt error during previous Choregraphe uninstall.
  • Fix #27416 MoveAlong box has to show clearly Pepper-only compatibility.
  • Fix #31785 Internal choice box doesn’t support Norwegian and greek.
  • Fix #25597 Moving folders in Choregraphe.
  • Fix #25598 Drag’n’dropping a behavior at the root of a project may be buggy.
  • Fix #24215 Choregraphe can lose data after some files manipulation.
  • Fix #26994 Choregraphe freezes while clicking on the Choose button whithout folder selected in Open box library pop up.
  • Fix #26996 Advanced timeline’s play-shaped buttons for stiffness are broken.
  • Fix #22267 Record mode in Timeline Editor is dead.
  • Fix #25624 AnimationMode: Conflict between Autonomous Life and Animation mode.
  • Fix #26520 standard box library - record video box throws errors.


  • Fix #31723 change locale for the Norwegian: Norwegian language is tagged as no_No instead of nn_NO.
  • Fix #25810 crash in libaudiodevicemanager when installing language packages during life and asr on.
  • Fix #26657 Deadlock when change language.
  • Fix #25973 Audio recorder correct internal pulse buffer size.
  • Fix #25192 ALAudioDevice: Subscribe and then unsubscribe twice crashes naoqi.
  • Fix #26707 Can not set TTS language to English anymore after having switched acapela -> nuance.
  • Fix #31298 Change speed parameter while ‘Say’ TTS method is running results in a locked call and an unusable TTS service.
  • Fix TTS: #31561 complete voice model for new languages.
  • Fix #31469 New languages added with choregraphe do not work properly.
  • Fix #31702 Erroneous or missing translations of notifications in Polish.
  • Fix #31571 Language dependent pronunciation problems with the IP address because of dots.
  • Fix #31507 NAO - pronounces the the last dot of IP address notification (number per number) for all Acapela languages.


  • Fix animations: #31389 fix hand collision when BodyTalk_15 then BodyTalk_18
  • Fix #31594 Correct translations


  • Fix #31708 Crash Naoqi -!AL::ALLocalization::xSaveReference()

ALDialog - Qichat

  • Fix #26816 Uppercase in dynamic concept make a nuance compilation error.
  • Fix #24315 Random crash in dialog engine.
  • Fix #27389 Review supported languages list - add getDialogLanguage, add getIsoLanguage functions.


  • Fix #27266 ALAutonomousLife takes 50 seconds to load (registers 1500 modules).
  • Fix #27267 Double-click on torso button may remove robot stiffness even if it was in Autonomous Life.
  • Fix #21300 Stopping Autonomous life should always behave the same way: 1. via chest btn, 2. via Choregraphe btn.


  • Fix #26739 Database is not created correctly on Windows.
  • Fix #26032 Database is reloaded each time you subscribe to PictureDetected.
  • Fix #26622 Compatibility with 1.14 DB broken.
  • Fix #26623 Crash when calling changeDatabase while the module is processing.
  • Fix #21346 Vision recognition very slow in 2.0.2


  • Fix #30040 Face Detection - Face Label is remanent.


  • Fix #29080 LeftBumperPressed event returns an Integer instead of a Float.


  • Fix #28484 The hands of the robots are not closed during shutdown (When autonomous life is OFF).
  • Fix #26350 ALMotion.wakeUp: NAO should go to the Stand posture instead of StandInit
  • Fix #31221 Robot falls while trying to stand-up from ‘Crouch’ posture if only it was previously boot in ‘Sit’ posture


  • Fix #29702 #27309 “My battery is now fully charged” notification needs a more robust trigger condition.


  • Fix #31214 Nao - Inversion of color in ALLeds.fadeRGB().


  • Fix #30208 Specialized proxies are out of date.


  • Fix #29013: Flood of Diagnosis notifications



  • Fix #23948 License management: error message “the provided license is not valid”.
  • Fix #23938 Recording mode: impossible to stiffen the limbs on and off.
  • Fix #23892 [OSX] Licence key is asked twice during Choregraphe Installation.
  • Fix #23590 Long connection times / timeouts - improved, not fully fixed.

C++ SDK - Windows

  • Fix #24255 SDK examples - min/max issue on Visual Studio.


  • Fix #25771 Life: default tracking mode of BA should be Head on NAO.
  • Fix #25078 Dialog is started a second time after the person has left.


  • Fix #25203 Missing the API to control the background posture.


  • Fix #25370 ALPeopleDetection: distances for detected people are incorrect on NAO.


  • Fix #23572 [The dialog] [Dialog Applauncher] Impossible to launch applications in German.
  • Fix #23553 event in recover section doesn’t match.
  • Fix #23383 and #23431 [The dialog] [Dialog Applauncher] Impossible to launch some applications with applauncher.
  • Fix #22941 ^enumerate with empty value.


  • Fix #23397 NAO V5: minimum distance of sonar is wrong.

  • Fix #23263 NAO: unable to deactivate safety reflexes without user consent.

  • Fix #23074 ALMotionProxy::getSummary() deadlock.

  • Fix #22475 Jerky motion when arm is Stiffness off.

  • Fix #21767 All external collision protections cannot be enabled on NAO.

    User consent not required except for the Fall manager reflex.

  • Fix #19129 NAO: Secure moveTo (Stop if obstacle) and Security Distance in Move To box are missing.

  • Fix #15978 and #19644 Fix Idle task when NAO is not stand.

    • Allow idle posture when robot is not stand (idle animation is still forbidden).
    • Allow any idle activity in slave mode.
  • Fix #9271 Walking in theta with a NAO can activate its own bumper.

    Adapts to bounding box as Position2D instead of Pose2D.


  • Fix #22953 Faster update ALNavigationProxy::findFreeZone().


  • Fix #22536 Finger issue during stand-up/rest go to posture


#25244 ACAPELA vs Nuance technology not well documented.


  • Fix #22692 Do not create multiple threads. Handle exception in Future.cancel().


  • Fix #7290 The two parameters Voice Shaping and Speed of the Say box have no effect for Korean.
  • Fix #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage (NAO V5)


  • Fix #16735 TTS is blocked after reading a notification in Japanese.
  • Fix #15312 Japanese TTS: pronunciation of markers if sentence greater 500 characters.


  • Fix #15494 Event robotIsWakeUp raises twice after a rest()
  • Fix #15544 Entering a value in the Motion window sometimes creates an unwanted keyframe
  • Fix #4232 MP3 files start slower than WAV files: use new OGG format instead of WAV.


  • Fix #15643 HeadYaw velocity is limited.
  • Fix #13165 [MAC] Plugin boxes not well displayed if started from a click of the project.
  • Fix #11371 [MAC] Send behavior to robot randomly fails (“Could not read request result for file behavior.xar” error).
  • Fix #13549 Posture Manager: Lying Back to Lying belly does not work.


  • Fix #11333 The red playing cursor doesn’t appear in the Timeline editor
  • Fix #11272 Motion widget mirroring is inverted on some joints
  • Fix #6924 Child Broker webpage problem.


  • Fix #10289 ALTextToSpeech is aborting naoqi at startup when language behaviors are corrupted.

  • Fix #7856 sometimes MT9M114 HD camera (Atom - NAO V4) doesn’t handle well Auto Exposition: dark images seem even darker than expected.

  • Fix #11199 The following line in a Choregraphe box will not throw error anymore, even when running Choregraphe on Windows while not connected to a robot:

    import socket
  • Fix #3257 no limitation with Japanese language anymore.

    ALAnimatedSpeech usage was limited when using the new Japanese TTS engine.

    Automatic body language works well, but instructions (^start, ^wait and ^stop) was ignored.


  • Fix #11112 [1.14.1 languages] In Choregraphe, the characters like “Ä›” or “í” are not displayed in the debug window nor in the Robot view.


  • Fix #14097 Random segfaults when restarting naoqi.


  • NAO’s global behavior
    • Fix #11001 [RANDOM] Nao displays glitches in its movements, especially in Nao’s life
    • Fix #12887 FSR give weird reading for Center of Pressure
    • Fix #13716 MODEL: nao ankle limits are wrong
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #11365 Trying to connect two choregraphe sessions to a single robot, all connections are lost.
    • Fix #10072 and #9875 Choregraphe can’ t be used out of the box Mountain Lion
    • Fix #13079 deadlock on repeated behavior execution


  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #6251 Link possible to a wrench even when there’s no compatible parameter
    • Fix #12995 Creating a Timeline box by a right-click should have by default an opened behavior layer (same as the Timeline template in the Box Libraries)
    • Fix #12644 Saving as “something_v1.2” changes the name in the title bar to “something_v1”
    • Fix #10850: on Mac OS X, fixed a random error while sending heavy behaviors to a real robot
    • Fix #13070 solved a crash when making screen shots of the 3D view through the pose editor


  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #12615 Integrate gst-python and pygobject packages (only missing on Geode image).
    • Fix #8216 [Chrome] Nao webpage isn’t displayed properly, especially Network page.
    • Fix #9940 Unlearn Face and Unlearn All Faces boxes have no effect.


  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #10900 GotoAndPlay box jumps to random frame.
    • Fix #9943 Some Libraries prevent 1.14 Choregraphe to start on OSX Mountain Lion.
    • Fix #8752 Timeline display shifted left - controls unusable.
  • NAOqi
    • Fix #11072 Tracker: head tracking of face do not work on sit posture on naoqi 1.14.
    • Fix #10917 The anti collision enables himself again after a short time.
    • Fix #10490 Activation / deactivation of the Fall manager made more robust.
    • Fix #10015 A call to the setLanguage function of tts increases the list of available languages.
    • Fix Specialized proxy for module ALSonar (ALSonarProxy).
    • Fix #7758 Segfault in!AlMemoryPlugin::run.
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #10831 Unable to flash from 1.14 to 1.12: unknown preferences are considered as errors.
    • Fix #10734 ntp-client service: fix/update sntp options.
    • Fix #9558 After a normal reboot, all my personal data are lost. Checkpart: do not format the user data partition if not explicitly required via factory-reset.
    • Fix #8104 and #7732 Nao Web Page: Language and Time zone combo boxes are not correctly set with Internet Explorer.
    • Fix #11101: OpenNAO-vm: Avoid spurious and annoying “Name already in use” popping in the standard video output.


  • Fix #7151 Resource Manager does not handle multimodel. Tai Chi Chuan box cannot run on a T14 robot.
  • Fix #7909 Wireless network not being refreshed
  • Fix #7908 Static IP address invalid after a reboot
  • Fix #6338 Wifi with hidden SSID and no security are not reconnected at startup
  • Fix #6135 audio driver: locked in mute (atom)
  • Feature #3796 Voice shaping does not work for Japanese language


  • NAOqi
    • ALTelepathe: fixed segfaults for associated robots (#6647, #7207, #7209)
    • Fix #5915 ALInfrared: remove IR remote learning
    • Fix #6951 ALAudioPlayer does not work on RoboCup config
    • Fix #7236 erratic result of brightness setting in NAO V4 camera
  • Choregraphe
    • Record Sound box. The default value of the Microphone used parameter has changed.


  • NAOqi
    • Fix #6985 Ultrasonic sensors sometimes needs NAOqi restart
    • Fix #5592 Strange behavior of angleInterpolation with AnklePitch/Roll joint
    • Fix #6578 Remove inversion of active camera
    • Fix #6123 Modify path where pictures are recorded: recordings/cameras
    • Fix #6573 Audio player doesn’t play web streams anymore
    • Fix #6341 Stopping a box stops also another one when both use Standing resource.
    • Fix #6306 takePictureRegularly does not work with some param
    • Fix #6244 Segfault in audioplayer when playing corrupted .wav files
    • Fix #2065/FS#3764 Nao now speaks in Portuguese or Korean when pressing the chest button
    • Fix #5472 I can’t find my body is now always said in English
    • Fix #6038 Naopathe: “Error: cannot found the ALAudioDevice module” when setting volume
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #6599 Roaming improved
    • Fix #6604 wireless connection freeze - Update to wireless stack of Linux 3.2
    • Fix #6288 Ensure that we can always login on NAO.
    • Fix #6190 ATOM: problem while initializing SD-card
    • Fix #6286 Update NAO v4 temperature/fan speed settings
  • libnaoqi
    • Fix #3849: Choregraphe should clean Temporary files at shutdown
  • HAL
    • Fix #6161 Change current limit 1.15/1.5 for roll/pitch for maxon and 1.26/1.75 for portescape
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #6616: Boxes are removed from box library when drag-n-dropped to the diagram (mac64 only)
    • Fix #6606 ‘Stand up’ box is not symmetric.
    • Fix #6583 Sounds are now recorded in /home/nao/recordings/microphones instead of /home/nao/recordedSounds
    • Fix #6496 Endless walk stand up
    • Fix #6265 WalkTo and WalkForward boxes do not use stopWalk function
    • Fix #6115 Choregraphe crashes with the webpage “Test” button in Japanese
    • Fix #6200 license key can now be registered by machine
    • Fix FS#6127: Choregraphe no longer works on Mac after ‘sudo port select python python26’
    • Fix #5992 Choregraphe menu bar: no shortcut for Connection, Box library or View

1.12 – Public release

  • NAOqi
    • Fix #5795 NAO 4: heat on shoulder pitch
    • Fix #5879 Inertial unit send more ‘nacks’ than before, causing false positives for fall manager
  • Monitor
    • Fix #5905 Camera Monitor: notify users that fps are limited
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #5906 Persistent data: passwd does not move shadow file, ensure that passwords are kept after software update.
  • Hal
    • Fix #5881 HipYaw pitch overheating
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #3520 The hand slider is not precise enough
    • Fix #5774 Crash Choregraphe when attached file is too big
    • Fix #5235 Default IP changed from “localhost” to “”
    • Fix #4939 When setting a default behavior from a Choregraphe 1.12 on a NAOqi 1.10, it is not played on start-up
    • Fix #4664 Prevent from zooming in the motion timeline outside the timeline editor - RC1

  • NAOqi
    • Fix #5476 Sentinel: Emergency stiffness removal does not work when system menu is activated
    • Fix #2065 Missing Portuguese and Korean Chest button translations
    • Fix #5158 interaction problem between animation-mode and fallmanager
  • NAOqi - Core
    • Fix #5225 Launch python modules and executables from autoload.ini
  • NAOqi - Motion
    • Fix #5300 Instabilities when walking backwards
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #5562 videoMonitor is at 5fps
    • Fix #5188 After a few PLAY / STOP in the video monitor of choregraphe, the video can not retrieved anymore.
    • Fix #5156 ALBehaviorManager - runBehavior doesn’t work on a sub behavior anymore
  • OpenNAO
    • Fix #4978 on V4 /media/internal is not persistent
    • Fix #143, #4022 DFU v2
    • Fix #4428 infrared remote discovery not terminating on the webpage - Beta2

  • NAOqi - Audio
    • Fix #5179 xRemoveBrackets segfaults
  • NAOqi - Core
    • Fix #4474, #4825, #4359, #4940 : deadlock or crashes when connecting/deconnecting brokers
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #4696, #3788, #4969, #4234: cleaning of e-mail boxes
    • Fix #4836 Video acquisition continued even if video monitor widget is closed
    • Fix #5074 Crash in ALBehaviorManager
    • Fix #4836 fix the pause/resume video process at initialisation
  • Choregraphe - Boxes
    • Fix #4973 MP3 files: late and incomplete playing => modify the tooltip
    • Fix #4392 IR Send Key box: cannot enter custom remote control config. name
  • .Net SDK
    • New #4766 Suppoprt using TTS in Japanese - Beta1

  • Motion/DCM
    • Fix #3957 - FS#5841 Motion and DCM can be used at the same time on different joints, but when changing from using DCM on a joint to using motion, the user is required to set stiffness to zero during the transition.
    • Fix #3313 - FS#5158 RHipYawPitch does not respond. Workaround: RHipYawPitch and LHipYawPitch are the 2 names of the same joint, use LHipYawPitch to control the hips.
  • Audio
    • Fix #3952 - FS#5836 Synchronous call to say or playFile from a remote python script are regularly not returning.
  • Network
    • Fix #3853 - FS#5728 The connection is not stable with Wifi roaming (related bug FS#5379).
  • Choregraphe
    • Fix #3744 - FS#5609 Choice box does not work in Chinese, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Portuguese.
  • NAOqi
    • Fix #2720 - FS#4471 Instability issues (related bugs: FS#4384, FS#3896, FS#117).
    • Fix #1158 - FS#1824 When compiling modules in debug mode for C++ projects, many warnings occur.
  • NAOqi - Audio
    • Fix #2505 - FS#4245 Synchronization issue between music and move.
  • NAO
    • Fix #2065 - FS#3764 if NAO is not set in English or French, when pressing his chest button, he cannot pronounce properly the sentence.
  • NAOqi - ALMemory
    • Fix #1720 - FS#3213 Choregraphe may consider that a behavior is still running although it is finished.
  • Languages compatibility
    • Fix #1276 - FS#2235 Python scripts: The float values are truncated on French Linux OS.