NAO Web page

See also: Accessing the NAO Web page.

Part Name Allows you to ...
A NAO picture

Make your NAO say a short sentence:

  1. Click NAO‘s picture to make appear the speech bubble.
  2. Optionally, edit the text.
  3. Press Enter key.
B ? menu


EN menu Choose another language for the current web page.
C My robot Display and set the general settings of the robot.
D Network settings Set the connection to the network.
E Updates Set and manage the link to the Aldebaran Cloud.

My robot

My robot section displays the main settings of the robot.

Name Description
Battery Displays the current level of the battery.
NAOqi version Displays the version currently running on NAO.
Robot language

List of languages installed on NAO.

Allows you to select the Language currently used by NAO.

Note: Avoid setting Robot language while Autonomous Life is on. For further details see: Switching Autonomous life on and off.

Volume Allows you to set the volume.

Allows you to set the time zone.

This setting is required for the WiFi connection.

Shut down button Allows you to shut down your NAO.
Reboot button Allows you to reboot NAO.
Robot’s name Allows you to set the name of your NAO.
Robot’s password Allows you to set the password of your NAO.
Alive by default

Allows you to enable or disable the Autonomous Life at startup.

Warning: if you disable Autonomous Life at startup, your NAO will remain static, and you will not be able to chat or launch activities by voice.

For further details, see: Autonomous Life.