no-virtual Cannot be tested on a simulated robot.

Head tactile sensor LED locations



Short Name Name
Brain0 Head/Led/Front/Right/1/Actuator/Value
Brain1 Head/Led/Front/Right/0/Actuator/Value
Brain2 Head/Led/Middle/Right/0/Actuator/Value
Brain3 Head/Led/Rear/Right/0/Actuator/Value
Brain4 Head/Led/Rear/Right/1/Actuator/Value
Brain5 Head/Led/Rear/Right/2/Actuator/Value


Short Name Name
Brain6 Head/Led/Rear/Left/2/Actuator/Value
Brain7 Head/Led/Rear/Left/1/Actuator/Value
Brain8 Head/Led/Rear/Left/0/Actuator/Value
Brain9 Head/Led/Middle/Left/0/Actuator/Value
Brain10 Head/Led/Front/Left/0/Actuator/Value
Brain11 Head/Led/Front/Left/1/Actuator/Value

For the related ALMemory keys, see: Head LED Sensors.

Eye LED locations

NAO V5, V4 and V3.3



Part Group Name Short Name Actuator Value
R 0 FaceLedRight0 RightFaceLed8 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/315Deg
R 1 FaceLedRight1 RightFaceLed7 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/270Deg
R 2 FaceLedRight2 RightFaceLed6 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/225Deg
R 3 FaceLedRight3 RightFaceLed5 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/180Deg
R 4 FaceLedRight4 RightFaceLed4 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/135Deg
R 5 FaceLedRight5 RightFaceLed3 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/90Deg
R 6 FaceLedRight6 RightFaceLed2 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/45Deg
R 7 FaceLedRight7 RightFaceLed1 Face/Led/[Color]/Right/0Deg


Part Group Name Short Name Actuator Value
L 0 FaceLedLeft0 LeftFaceLed1 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/45Deg
L 1 FaceLedLeft1 LeftFaceLed2 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/0Deg
L 2 FaceLedLeft2 LeftFaceLed3 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/315Deg
L 3 FaceLedLeft3 LeftFaceLed4 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/270Deg
L 4 FaceLedLeft4 LeftFaceLed5 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/225Deg
L 5 FaceLedLeft5 LeftFaceLed6 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/180Deg
L 6 FaceLedLeft6 LeftFaceLed7 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/135Deg
L 7 FaceLedLeft7 LeftFaceLed8 Face/Led/[Color]/Left/90Deg

For the related ALMemory keys, see: Eye LED Sensors.

NAO V3+, V3.2

Part Group Name Short Name Led Ref Group Name Short Name
R 0 FaceLedRight0 RightFaceLed8 L 0 FaceLedLeft0 LeftFaceLed1
R 1 FaceLedRight1 RightFaceLed7 L 1 FaceLedLeft1 LeftFaceLed2
R 2 FaceLedRight2 RightFaceLed6 L 2 FaceLedLeft2 LeftFaceLed3
R 3 FaceLedRight3 RightFaceLed5 L 3 FaceLedLeft3 LeftFaceLed4
R 4 FaceLedRight4 RightFaceLed4 L 4 FaceLedLeft4 LeftFaceLed5
R 5 FaceLedRight5 RightFaceLed3 L 5 FaceLedLeft5 LeftFaceLed6
R 6 FaceLedRight6 RightFaceLed2 L 6 FaceLedLeft6 LeftFaceLed7
R 7 FaceLedRight7 RightFaceLed1 L 7 FaceLedLeft7 LeftFaceLed8

For the related ALMemory keys, see: Eye LED Sensors.

Ear LED locations

Right ear

Led Ref Short Name Actuator Value
R 0 RightEarLed1 Ears/Led/Right/0Deg/Actuator/Value
R 1 RightEarLed2 Ears/Led/Right/36Deg/Actuator/Value
R 2 RightEarLed3 Ears/Led/Right/72Deg/Actuator/Value
R 3 RightEarLed4 Ears/Led/Right/108Deg/Actuator/Value
R 4 RightEarLed5 Ears/Led/Right/144Deg/Actuator/Value
R 5 RightEarLed6 Ears/Led/Right/180Deg/Actuator/Value
R 6 RightEarLed7 Ears/Led/Right/216Deg/Actuator/Value
R 7 RightEarLed8 Ears/Led/Right/252Deg/Actuator/Value
R 8 RightEarLed9 Ears/Led/Right/288Deg/Actuator/Value
R 9 RightEarLed10 Ears/Led/Right/324Deg/Actuator/Value

See also: Ear Actuators.

Left ear

Led Ref Short Name Actuator Value
L 0 LeftEarLed1 Ears/Led/Left/0Deg/Actuator/Value
L 1 LeftEarLed2 Ears/Led/Left/36Deg/Actuator/Value
L 2 LeftEarLed3 Ears/Led/Left/72Deg/Actuator/Value
L 3 LeftEarLed4 Ears/Led/Left/108Deg/Actuator/Value
L 4 LeftEarLed5 Ears/Led/Left/144Deg/Actuator/Value
L 5 LeftEarLed6 Ears/Led/Left/180Deg/Actuator/Value
L 6 LeftEarLed7 Ears/Led/Left/216Deg/Actuator/Value
L 7 LeftEarLed8 Ears/Led/Left/252Deg/Actuator/Value
L 8 LeftEarLed9 Ears/Led/Left/288Deg/Actuator/Value
L 9 LeftEarLed10 Ears/Led/Left/324Deg/Actuator/Value

See also: Ear Actuators.

Foot LED locations

Led Ref Group Name Short Name Actuator Value
Foot Right RightFootLeds RightFootLedsBlue RightFootLedsGreen RightFootLedsRed
Foot Left LeftFootLeds LeftFootLedsBlue LeftFootLedsGreen LeftFootLedsRed

See also: Left foot Actuators and Right foot Actuators.