NAOqi OS on a virtual machine

Aldebaran Robotics provides an NAOqi OS virtual machine under the open standard OVF/OVA.

What the NAOqi OS virtual machine contains

The NAOqi OS virtual machine provides a virtualized NAO environment.

Thus, there is no graphical frontend, just a console.

It mainly targets developers and aims at fitting their needs.

It contains:

Developer tools
  • gcc compiler suite

  • CMake

  • qiBuild

  • Autotools

  • emerge and portage package tree

    Make easier building third-party libraries for Aldebaran robots.

Aldebaran material
  • libqi/libnaoqi
  • man pages

By default, binaries are built for i486 targets, but it is possible to enable the optimization for Atom targets (i.e. NAO V4). For further details, see: Optimizing builds for Atom targets.

Supported virtual machine software

All virtual machine software supporting OVF/OVA exchange format should be able to run the NAOqi OS virtual machine.

Supported virtual machine software:

  • VirtualBox

Unsupported virtual machine software:

  • Parallels (on Mac OS)
  • VMware (without OVF-tools)


This documentation has been done using VirtualBox.

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