Release note - 1.14.5

Anti-collision limits redefined

Ankle and Hip limits have been reviewed and redefined in order to avoid collisions with the shell.

Joint Limit Former value New value
RAnkleRoll Min -45.03 -44.06
Max 22.27 22.80
LHipPitch Min -101.63 -88.0
RHipPitch Min -101.54 -88.0
Max 27.82 27.73
RHipRoll Min -42.30 -45.29
Max 23.76 21.74

For further details, see: Joints.

Community website

The new Aldebaran Community Website is available for all users: Make sure you have an account.

Known issues

  • Bug #14162 Python: import almath does not work on NAO.


    $ mkdir -p ~/.local/lib/python-2.7/site-packages
    $ echo /usr/lib > ~/.local/lib/python-2.7/site-packages/almath.pth
  • Bug #13549 Posture Manager: Lying Back to Lying belly does not work

  • Bug #13709 Ubuntu 12.04 only - Cannot drag and drop boxes

    There is an Ubuntu known issue, impacting Choregraphe, when using ubuntu-2D for Window Manager with the Launcher bar in auto-hide mode.

    For further details, see: Ubuntu 12.04 only - Cannot drag and drop boxes.

  • Bug #11112 [1.14.1 languages] In Choregraphe, the characters like “ě” or “í” are not displayed in the debug window nor in the Robot view.

  • Bug #6412 On Vista, you need to be administrator to use the flasher

  • Bug #6622 and #8502 Hand touch sometimes activated by motor usage

  • Bug #9820 Choice box can cause an issue on Geode (NAO V3.x) when used with more than 30 parameters

  • Bug #7856 sometimes MT9M114 HD camera (Atom - NAO V4) doesn’t handle well Auto Exposition: dark images seem even darker than expected.


    • modify the Auto Exposure Algorithm parameter or
    • deactivate Auto Exposition and increase the value of Exposure parameter.

    For further details, see: MT9M114 HD camera parameters.

  • Feature #4232 MP3 files start slower than WAV files

  • Feature #7290 The two parameters Voice Shaping and Speed of the Say box have no effect for Korean.

This Release Note was generated on 2013-06-27.