OpenNAO in a virtual machine

Aldebaran Robotics now provides an OpenNAO OS virtual machine under the open standard OVF/OVA.

What the OpenNAO OS virtual machine contains

The OpenNAO OS virtual machine provides a virtualized NAO environment.

Thus, there is no graphical frontend, just a console.

It mainly targets developers and aims at fitting their needs.

It contains:

  • Developer tools:
    • gcc compiler suite;
    • CMake and qiBuild;
    • Autotools;
    • emerge and portage package tree (make easier building third-party libraries for NAO).
  • Aldebaran material:
    • libqi/libnaoqi;
    • NAOqi (without any hardware support nor proprietary third-party software);
  • Miscellaneous:
    • man pages.

By default, binaries are built for i486 targets, so they are compliant with both Atom and Geode targets (i.e. NAO V4 and NAO V3.x). For further details, see Optimizing builds for Atom or Geode targets section.

Supported virtual machine software

All virtual machine software supporting OVF/OVA exchange format should be able to run the OpenNAO virtual machine.

  • Supported virtual machine software:
    • VirtualBox
  • Unsupported virtual machine software:
    • Parallels (on Mac OS)
    • VMware (without OVF-tools)


This documentation has been done using VirtualBox.

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