Removing NAO‘s head

Why removing the head

You will need to remove the head of your robot if:

  • your robot does not turn on,
  • you want to change the head, or
  • the support asked you to do so.

Removing the head

To remove the head:

Step Action

Make sure your robot is:

  • turned off and
  • unplugged.

Wait 60 seconds in order to be sure all electronic capacitors are depleted.

Find the head lock buttons.

To do so, run your fingers under the head: you’ll feel square lock buttons on the left and right of the neck.

Firmly grip the head on either side of the robot’s face, and push up on the two lock buttons, making sure they are fully pressed in.

Now lift off the head. There should be no resistance.

If it is difficult, push the lock buttons up more firmly.

Replacing the head

To replace NAO‘s head:

Step Action
Align the cross-shaped hole of the head with the cross-shaped neck.

Push down.

You should make sure that the head fully clicks in; both buttons should snap back into place.

Without pressing either lock button, gently attempt to lift the head up to ensure a solid connection.

The head should be secure.

If not, repeat the process and be more careful with your alignment.