Video recording

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This section contains examples recording video from NAO in different formats.

Recording in avi

Record the video taken by NAO’s camera on the robot in .avi format.

# -*- encoding: UTF-8 -*-
# This example demonstrates how to use the ALVideoRecorder module to record a
# video file on the robot.
# Usage: python "robot_ip"

import sys
import time
from naoqi import ALProxy

if __name__ == "__main__":
    IP = "nao.local"  # Replace here with your NaoQi's IP address.
    PORT = 9559

     # Read IP address from first argument if any.
    if len(sys.argv) > 1:
        IP = sys.argv[1]

    videoRecorderProxy = ALProxy("ALVideoRecorder", IP, PORT)

    # This records a 320*240 MJPG video at 10 fps.
    # Note MJPG can't be recorded with a framerate lower than 3 fps.
    videoRecorderProxy.startRecording("/home/nao/recordings/cameras", "myvideo")


    # Video file is saved on the robot in the
    # /home/nao/recordings/cameras/ folder.
    videoInfo = videoRecorderProxy.stopRecording()

    print "Video was saved on the robot: ", videoInfo[1]
    print "Num frames: ", videoInfo[0]